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8 ways to de-risk your Business With A Digital Safety Platform

Being safety compliant is one of the biggest liabilities a business has. Companies everywhere are taking charge of their safety programs by following these methods.

We have a consistency of documentation that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The more people use it, the more they feel comfortable with it, the more confident they feel using it further into the future.
Samuel Livingstone, Health & Safety Manager @ Villa Roofing

Key Takeaways

  • How to use data driven insights to protect your business and workers 
  • Ongoing risks and vulnerabilities associated with paper safety programs 
  • The role safety plays in the office and in the field


Salus Safety Subcontractor Portal


Schedule custom maintenance reminders.

Populate your asset profiles and start building a preventative maintenance schedule to improve visibility and reduce equipment downtime.

Create, submit, and manage maintenance forms.

Stay on top of your equipment’s health with easy-to-use digital maintenance forms.


Maintain a single point of truth

Connect Field & Office

Make Decisions based on Data

Manage assets in real-time

Reduce costs & premiums

Expedite Response & corrective Action

Safety is the new normal

Achieve adoption in the field