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8 THINGS SAFETY PROS NEED TO KNOW About Centralizing Safety

Between the paperwork, weekly inspections, certificate management, daily assessments, and the overall stress of running a safety program, it’s no wonder that organizations everywhere are looking to centralize their safety documentation. Learn how taking a centralized approach to site safety simplifies a complex environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamline safety practices and documentation
  • Reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative burden
  • Achieve adoption without interrupting established workflows
All the information is just right there - whether it’s on your phone or the computer. There’s no waiting, there’s no lag time. It’s not an email that never gets looked at, it’s something that can be addressed.
Michael Beevers, Finishing Superintendent & Internal COR Auditor @ Appia

8 Things Safety Pros Need To Know About Centralizing Safety With A Digital Safety Program


1. Safety is the New Normal

Companies can ensure they meet the latest industry protocols by going paperless with digital safety software. Digital solutions serve as easily accessible storage for screening papers and enable teams to track worker’s health statuses in real-time, significantly reducing infection risks or biological hazards.


2. Connect Field and Office

Companies need to maintain uninterrupted communication between the field and the office. It’s integral to a company’s success that these communication lines exist in an open and intact state.


3. Achieve Adoption in the Field

The best way to achieve adoption is by implementing solutions that don’t interrupt already established workflows, making daily tasks and jobs easier, faster, and more enjoyable.


4. Maintain a Single Point of Truth

Safety software streamlines the communication of documents, making it easily accessible and instantaneous for tracking compliance with real-time data while providing overall visibility in a snapshot. Behavior-based safety performance can be measured – and, if applicable – corrected promptly. With accurate and searchable information shared among various groups, departments, and locations, material risk related to simple miscommunication is largely eliminated by having instant access to safety documentation.


5. Make Data-Driven Decisions

There is a disconnect and a disruption of workflow, and physical documentation is the culprit. Digital platforms provide valuable insight that serves to improve processes and anticipate inconsistencies. Hand-written documents can take weeks or even months to reach their intended recipients, leaving decision-makers hamstrung to resolve these issues.


6. Expedite Response and Corrective Actions

Paperless safety software makes it possible to share specific information across worksites within companies to immediate and appropriate corrective actions and changes. This process eliminates delays by offering real-time data to every user with platform access regardless of their role within the company or their physical location. Safety software accelerates response with corrective actions to incidents and inspections.


7. Manage Assets in Real-Time

Digital solutions ensure consistency and continuity by having teams and departments collaborate on asset management. Workers, mechanics, maintenance crews, supervisors, suppliers and third-party vendors can all work collectively in partnership to keep one another informed of asset status, repairs and anticipate downtime.


8. Reduce Costs and Premiums

With the implementation of digital safety, companies can proactively assess risk, make informed decisions, leverage data to inform real-time performance, analyze trends, and effectively manage insurance claims and audits with efficiency and accuracy.



Schedule custom maintenance reminders.

Populate your asset profiles and start building a preventative maintenance schedule to improve visibility and reduce equipment downtime.

Create, submit, and manage maintenance forms.

Stay on top of your equipment’s health with easy-to-use digital maintenance forms.

Centralized Safety at a Glance

Maintain a single point of truth

Connect Field & Office

Make Decisions based on Data

Manage assets in real-time

Reduce costs & premiums

Expedite Response & corrective Action

Safety is the new normal

Achieve adoption in the field