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How ECOH Managed Uncertainty In The Covid-19 Pandemic

We interviewed Arianne Bohnert, Project Manager, Health & Safety at ECOH Management Inc., to understand how they have been navigating the uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the role SALUS has played in helping them implement controls, both internally and with their clients.

Using SALUS, ECOH has been able to:

  • Have confidence in their safety compliance
  • Track and verify data in real-time
  • Prepare for COR certification with an organized and centralized safety management system
It's Not Enough To Say A Job Is Completed Safely, It Needs To Be Proven, And Salus Is An Excellent Tool For Managing Safety Documentation
Arianne Bohnert, Project Manager, Health & Safety @ ECOH Management Inc.

About ECOH

Protecting People, Property and Planet since 2000, ECOH Management Inc. (ECOH) is a respected provider of Environmental, Health and Safety consulting services.

With offices in Mississauga and Ottawa, Ontario ECOH specializes in Hazardous Materials, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management. Committed to providing clients with superior customer service, and with a proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently, ECOH offers unique solutions to environmental challenges.

Salus Safety Subcontractor Portal


Schedule custom maintenance reminders.

Populate your asset profiles and start building a preventative maintenance schedule to improve visibility and reduce equipment downtime.

Create, submit, and manage maintenance forms.

Stay on top of your equipment’s health with easy-to-use digital maintenance forms.

With a Digital Safety Management Platform


Access real-time information

Stay organized and on track for safety certification

Identify hazards and reduce incidents

Improve communication between workers