Priced for your unique SAFETY needs

When it comes to safety, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why every SALUS subscription is unique. From added features to pricing, all aspects of our platform are tailored to you and your team’s needs.

Get your personalized quote to join the digital movement and bring a stronger safety culture to your organization with SALUS.

  • 76% reduction in safety compliance costs by going paperless
  • Insurance premiums lowered by 25%
  • Get your program digitized, automated, and real-time in as little as 2 weeks
  • Cut down audit time from days and weeks to hours

Safety Management Software Salus


It may seem like a significant investment initially, but we saved the whole platform’s cost in printing alone – not to mention that everything is so much easier and more organized.
Jenny Buck, Executive Assistant @ Stampede Electric

How Pricing Is Calculated

The number of workers in the field and profiles you’ll need. Keep in mind: you get a profile for every worker, even if they never download the App. This means you’ll be able to keep track of their signed forms, documents and certificates for your compliance needs.

The average number of subcontractors companies you work with at any given time. If you contract out work to other companies and actively collect their safety documentation, you can also subscribe to our subcontractor portal to gain real-time visibility into their compliance.

The numbers of forms you’d like our team to digitize for you. Every SALUS subscription comes with 5 free custom built forms by our team. For your remaining safety forms, you can choose to create your own in the form builder, pick and choose existing forms from the form library, or purchase additional custom forms from our team.


  1. 5 Free Digitized Forms of Your Choice
  2. Unlimited Form Creation
  3. Unlimited Document uploads
  4. Free iOS & Android Apps
  5. Unlimited Data Storage
  6. Free Implementation & Training
  7. Free Dedicated Success Manager

SALUS is the fastest-growing safety management software that is 100% dedicated to safety.

Whether you’re using paper-based forms, fillable PDFs, or something in between, we’re here to help.




Schedule custom maintenance reminders.

Populate your asset profiles and start building a preventative maintenance schedule to improve visibility and reduce equipment downtime.

Create, submit, and manage maintenance forms.

Stay on top of your equipment’s health with easy-to-use digital maintenance forms.

key features at a glance

With the power of SALUS, you can manage safety compliance across your entire organization from a single dashboard.

Digital Forms

Salus Safety Subcontractor Portal

Subcontractor Portal

Salus Safety Compliance Management

Compliance Management


Salus Safety Asset Management

Asset management


Salus Safety Certificate Management

Certificate Management


Salus Safety Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions


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